Get a chance to win 2x more
to the smart contract
Playvia Tonkeeper
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New game give 25% on first loss
Recommended bet 3TON
Smart-contract address for the game:
Current chance of winning
Game rules

1. Game on TON:

  • Win chance: 40%
  • Cashback if you lose: 30% in $RANDOM tokens

2. Game on $RANDOM:

  • Win chance: 45%
  • Cashback if you lose: in BONU$ tokens (1 to 3). For example, if you lose 5 $RANDOM, you receive 15 BONU$.
  • The lottery automatically burns 70% of the $RANDOM loss.
  • The remaining 30% of the $RANDOM loss goes to the exchange contract.

3. Game on BONU$:

  • Win chance: 10% - Multiplication x4
  • If you lose BONU$ is burned.
  • Exchange BONU$ for $RANDOM: send BONU$ to the exchange contract address:
  • Exchange rate is calculated automatically (BONU$ issuance / number of $RANDOM in the exchange contract).

Additional conditions:

  • Support only with non-custodial wallets.
  • Minimum bet amount: 1 TON or 1 RANDOM.
Smart-contract balance (TON):
Smart-contract balance (RANDOM):
Balance available for bonus exchange (RANDOM):
Bonu$/RANDOM exchange rate:
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